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“Healing takes time, and asking for help is a courageous step.” — Mariska Hargitay


Interested in an ADHD or Autism Assessment?

Please fill out your information in this form to the best of your ability. We will reach out to you to discuss the specifics of the assessment, as well as get you scheduled.

6200 Seagull Street NE Suite B,

Albuquerque, NM 87109


Thank you for your interest in our assessment! We look forward to speaking with you!

Rock Balancing

You, Me, and Therapy is


Inclusive mental health support for everyone of all identities.
You, Me, and Therapy LLC was established in July 2022 with the goal to create access to mental health care that was inclusive and nonjudgmental. We are a queer-owned agency that employs therapists who are allies or have lived experience in the LGBTQIA+ community. We also strive to empower BIPOC therapists in order to help serve BIPOC clients.
We specialize in LGBTQIA+ exploration and assist with letters to get access to gender affirming medical care, but what you'll get is so much more than just that. You'll feel safe and welcome with every interaction. We strive to cater to your needs and help come up with a plan that is best for you. We acknowledge the trauma that comes with having a marginalized identity. All of our services and interactions are trauma-informed for this reason.
Please reach out to us with any questions including if you are just reaching out for resources.
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